Sofia's 2020 Vision: Scientific and Technological Opportunities Workshop, Caltech, December 6-8, 2007

Welcome to the Sofia 2020 Vision Workshop!

SOFIA's recent first flights highlight its proximity to operations. Science observations will begin ramping up in the next few years with the initial set of instruments. The time is now ripe to envision the scientific and technological advances that will keep SOFIA an exciting and dynamic program over its twenty-year design lifetime. This workshop will examine science needs and relevant new and emerging detector and component technologies.

These new capabilities will arrive during a period of intense and rapid change of the scientific landscape: the stream of results flowing from projects such as Spitzer, Herschel, ALMA, JWST, and other facilities will greatly expand SOFIA's discovery potential. The workshop's goals are to evince the connections between the technological possibilities and the scientific opportunities, to develop a vision for extending SOFIA's productivity beyond the next decade, and to expand the awareness of SOFIA's potential.

Oral and Poster Presentation Logistics
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Workshop Location
Beckman Institute Auditorium (Campus map)

SOFIA Vision 2020 Workshop main topics:


  • Solar system
  • Extra-solar planets, planet formation, disks
  • Star formation: galactic and extragalactic
  • Interstellar medium
  • Galaxy formation and evolution (including active galaxies and the galactic center)


  • Imaging and polarimetry (technology)
  • Direct-detection spectroscopy
  • Heterodyne (far-IR) spectroscopy

Scientific Organizing Committee

Bob Gehrz U. Minnesota
Reinhard Genzel MPIfEP
Andrew Harris U. Maryland
David Jewitt U. Hawaii
Alexandre Karpov Caltech
Charles Lada Harvard/Smithsonian CfA
Karl Menten (co-chair) MPIfR
Harvey Moseley NASA Goddard
David Neufeld Johns Hopkins U.
Albrecht Poglitsch MPIfEP
Jürgen Stutzki U. Köln
Linda Tacconi MPIfEP
Alexander Tielens NASA Ames
Erick Young U. Arizona
Jonas Zmuidzinas (co-chair) Caltech
Eric Becklin (ex-officio) USRA
Hashima Hasan (ex-officio) NASA HQ
Tom Roellig (ex-officio) NASA Ames

Local Organizing Committee

Eric Becklin USRA
Alexandre Karpov (chair) Caltech
Tom Phillips Caltech
Jonas Zmuidzinas Caltech


Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline (extended):
7 October, 2007

Registration for the visit of SOFIA deadline:
7 October, 2007

Request of a travel grant deadline:

7 October, 2007

Workshop dates
6-7 December, 2007

Visit of SOFIA at Dryden AB

8 December, 2007

Contact Information

Please send email to if you have questions.


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